Zumba Blitz Dance Workout DVD, Three 20-Minute Dance Workouts for Cardio Lovers

51ML+5GCvVL. AC41ZIFV8uZGL. AC51UsDTAiruL. AC514fa3keKYL. AC51mC4rG7FzL. AC buynow3 If you’re ready for a total-body transformation, then you’re ready for this Zumba DVD. Zumba Blitz is a compilation of 3 intense 20-minute cardio dance workouts. Each workout routine gives you a full-body workout in just half the time of a typical workout. Zumba Charge is a super-cardio dance party that adds short cardio burst intervals to give you a total-body workout in less time! Zumba Power Up is an additional cardio dance party that can either be done by itself or in addition to Zumba Charge. It also uses cardio burst intervals to bring fast results that you can see. Whether you’re looking for a weight-loss dance workout or a total-body shred, this 20-minute workout will have you feeling the burn. Zumba Bursts maximizes the calorie-torching power of Zumba choreography all while you’re dancing to the hottest international rhythms. Unlike other exercise DVDs that you grow bored of in a few days, this Zumba dancing exercise DVD will keep you excited for your workout and focused on your results. Whether you’re a Zumba beginner or a pro, you will love this DVD set! Our Zumba home-workout DVDs are designed to make you feel like a rock star while you shake, shuffle, and dance outside the lines. Think it’s just a workout? Think again. Think you can’t dance? Oh, we beg to differ. Press play, and unleash your wild, your smile, your joy. Because when your feet start moving, you will be transformed.
ZUMBA FITNESS DVD: This dance DVD has three 20-minute full-body workouts on one convenient DVD. Zumba Charge, Zumba Power Up, and Zumba Bursts focus on cardio dance workouts to give you a better total-body workout with fun rhythms for fast results.
CARDIO DANCE FITNESS: We all know that dancing is a great low-impact cardio workout, but with these routines your heart will be pumping. The short cardio burst intervals paired with traditional Zumba dance make this workout fun and effective.
FULL-BODY EVERYDAY WORKOUTS: Some days it’s hard to find time to complete a full-exercise dance workout—there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Each of these full-body workouts are only 20 minutes, making it easier to get a workout in each day!
BODY POSITIVE: Take the first step to change it all with our dancing DVDs! We celebrate personal transformation, no matter how big or small. We strive to ensure everyone feels seen and supported and give people the tools to become their best selves.
ZUMBA: Together, we, our instructors, and our amazing community unite in one common mission: To move all people to unleash their power, embracing themselves and others, so they can achieve positive transformation., $19.99, $19.99 - $17.99



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