VIKINGSTRENGTH Booty Occlusion Blood Restriction Bands for Legs, Glutes and Butt Bands Workout Equipment, Women Butt Bands for Butt Lift

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Product Description

Occlusion bands for glutes butt bfr booty bandsOcclusion bands for glutes butt bfr booty bands

Glute bandsGlute bands

Intensify the workout, Lower the weights

Larger motor units and type 2 fibers are put to work earlier when performing occlusion training compared to normal. Rest products from the anaerobe processes will accumulate and the musculature will be exposed to metabolic stress that collectively will increase the frequency of signals for muscle growth.

Occlusion bands BFR booty workout for gluteOcclusion bands BFR booty workout for glute

2 workout bands for glute booty bands2 workout bands for glute booty bands

Sample workout in our soon to launch app

This set includes 2 premium adjustable occlusion bands, 1 mesh bag and a guide to get our workout APP.

Sommerbody workout for glute Sommerbody workout for glute

SHAPE, TONE & LIFT YOUR BUTT: Build your glute, hamstrings, quads and calf with occlusion training. Blood restriction training have been a well-guarded secret, used by top level athletes for years. Studies have shown multiple benefits related to blood restriction training. This speeds up booty toning, lifting and growth. This is because restricting blood builds up lactic acid and HGH (human growth hormone) giving you a “pump and they are perfect for all butt exercises .
COMFORTABLE HIGH QUALITY DESIGN: Vikingstrength glute bands for women bands are made with high quality fabrics. Competitors love the cheap stuff, we know you don’t! We’ve developed the best workout bands for women and men. Each band is made with Polyester/Cotton/Nylon which allows the perfect stretchy, yet compressive combination. The durability of the product is also top notch and the stretch should never fail.
EASILY ADJUSTABLE & NONE SLIPPING VELCRO SYSTEM: These blood restriction workout bands are super easy to adjust and because of feedback from our costumers we have also added our latest None Slipping Velcro System. This helps the bands stay thigh on your legs so you don’t need to adjust and tighten them all the time.
DIVERSIFIED & EFFICIENT TRAINING: Vikingstrength glutes workout equipment allows you to use low-weight training to achieve the same effect as high-intensity training, whether it is equipment training or bodyweight workouts. Therefore, you can use less time to achieve the goals you want and less likely to be injured. It is ideal for all booty workouts you can think of!
COVERED BY VIKINGSTRENGTH LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Providing our customers with premium products and a good experience is our mission. If you are not satisfied, we will give you a full refund or a free replacement product. Be part of the growing Viking clan today!,



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