VIGGIO Multifunctional Workout Chair, Ab Machine Exercise Equipment, Waist Trainer for Women & Men, 22-in-1 Fitness Machines with Resistance Bands, Adjustable Rowing Machine for Home Gym

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Product Description

Abdominal Workout ChairAbdominal Workout Chair


VIGGIO Abdominal Workout Chair

This portable fitness chair can help you exercise every part of your body muscles. You can choose the one you need from 22 different exercise positions. You can exercise to the buttocks, thighs, legs, arms, chest muscles and other parts to strengthen your physical fitness.


Before using fitness equipment, be sure to perform necessary warm-up training to prevent muscle damage during use.

Package Includes: Workout Chair*1 Instruction Manual*1 Training Guide*1 Training guide DVD*1




Lean Back Boating

Sit and rest your back against the massage back with you feet beneath the bottom foarn rollersLean back down against the massage back, 10°to30°,then return to the seated position, with the hands holding the handles of the rope, mimic the gesture of boating, and repeat.Effect:Exercising muscles on the arm.

Triceps Extension

Pull out the long straight bolt and lay down the massage back.Put down the rowing machine and fix it with boltSit on the seat cushion inversely with your hands gripping the handles from the behind.Stretch the hands straightly over the top of head and back, and repeat.Effect:Exercise the triceps.

Lateral Raise

Sit upright on the cushion.Grip the handles of the rope.Keep your back straight throughout.Raise the ropes out to sides until they’re at the shoulder height slowly lower them back down to the starting position after a short pause, and then repeat.Always remember to keep balance throughout to avoid possible overturning and hurt.Effect:To tone shoulder muscles.





Place your knees on the seat cushion with hands gripping the pillow and feet placed beneath the handle bars to keep balance.Press the massage back down to a comfortable angle then up back to the starting position and repeat.Always remember to keep balance throughout to avoid overturning.Effect:To tone arm and back muscles.To improve your balance.

Leg crunch

Sit on the seat cushion with your hands gripping the handle bars from the behind, knees bent, and legs put on the pillow.Push down against the massage back to an appropriate angle you like, then return to the starting position and repeat. Always remeber to keep balance throughout to avoid overturning.Effect:To tone leg muscles

Arm Rows

Sit upright on the cushion with you feet beneath the bottom foam rollers.Hold the handles of the rope with your hands.Pull back until the hands reach your waist sides.Repeat.Effect:Exercising muscles on the arm.


【Versatile Workout】: This fitness chair has a total of 22 fitness functions, which can train your biceps, triceps or deltoids, etc. Meet all your fitness needs and bring you a healthy life
【High Quality Torsion Spring】: Super high-quality tension spring rope, 5,000,000 times of continuous stretching and will not be damaged. Ensure the safety and effectiveness of your exercise.
【Outstanding Design】: The backrest part provides 230° extension to meet different needs. It can be used by beginners or professionals. The boating function is additionally added, and the exercise options are increased.
【Easy to Assemble and Store】: This Ab Trainers machine can be directly assembled without screws, which is very convenient. After you exercise, you can fold it up and put it under the bed. It is light enough and easy to move.
【What You Get】: Multifunctional 22-in-1 Fitness Equipment, to ensure that you can easily operate and exercise the whole body. If you have any questions, please contact us in time., $159.99, $159.99 - $133.99



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