Star Uno Ab Squat Workout Machine – Assist Squat Exercise and Glute Workout to Tone and Firm Muscles

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Easy Storage!

AB Squat conveniently folds down to a height of 7.5 inches so you can easily store in under the bed or the closet!

Total Body Workout!

The Power Assist Spring System makes any squat into the perfect squat! Feel the 68 pounds of resistance help you back up from a deep squat! Improve mobility and flexibility with little to no strain on your knees!

Adjustable Height!

Whether your short or tall, AB Squat has an adjustable seat for your height! AB Squat supports heights from 5′ to 6’3” and a weight of 220 lbs.

What’s Included?

AB Squat comes with a free fitness tracker, healthy meal plan, exercise chart, and beginner, intermediate, and hard workout digital downloads!

The Ab squat System is a complete muscle shaping and body slimming system to shrink your waistline and shape your abs and buns in only 8 short weeks
Ab Squat’s gravity-defying secret is its Power Assist Spring System (PASS) that allows you to use as much or little of your body weight to vary your workout intensity and maintain total joint comfort
Complete with handle bar support, seat height adjustment and is foldable for storage
Transform a hard to do squat into an effective and easy to do “soft squat”
Strengthens ligaments, tendons and muscles surrounding the knee to reduce pressure
Included Components: Ab Squat Exercise Chart
Sport Type: Exercise & Fitness,



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