Sonkoloro Smart Weighted Hoop Fit for Adults Weight Loss, Upgrade Low Noise 60 dB, Adjustable Plus Size Exercise Hoop, Waist Fitness Fit Hoop Workout Equipment for Women Men

51Ul 2MInJL. AC51ztjTZnTYL. AC513VhJ6dQOL. AC51aLOLU2duL. AC51KbsyuY3AL. AC5185nhR0MYL. AC51PQ38cAEdL. AC buynow3 Sonkoloro Upgrade Smart Weighted Fit Hoop for Adults Weight Loss 1: New connection track, soft rubber wheels, make running smoother and less noise 2: The upgraded connection design makes each connection more firm and durable, and also improves the safety factor of the exercise hoop. 3: The inner ring convex massage design, the smooth massage plane reduces the irritation to the skin, making it more comfortable to use 4: The improved soft gravity ball, which stores sand inside, makes the movement safer 5: The size can be adjusted from 27 to 50 inches. Our workout hoop consists of a total of 18 connecting sections, which are detachable and portable. We also provide single-section connecting sections for sale. If you think the size is not large enough, you can contact us to place an order separately. 6: Easy to use, suitable for all kinds of people, you can use the weighted exercise hoop anytime and anywhere, which will be a great benefit for beginners 7: Professional after-sales service, we provide a one-year warranty, if you encounter any problems during use weighted hoop, please contact us, we will respon you in 24 hours.
【 Upgraded low-noise fit hoop makes us different 】 Rely on the combination of customer feedback on the problem of loud noise. The noise level of the upgraded fitness hoop is lower than 60 decibels, which is much lower than the 85 decibels of other traditional styles. It will not make you irritable because of the loud noise, and will no longer affect children’s study and the elderly’s rest.
【 Unique embedded design to solve the problem of stuck 】 The old hoop fit is prone to stuck due to the large connection gap, and the operation is not smooth. The upgraded Sonkoloro fit hoops connection joints make the connection tighter and firmer, not only solve the problem It solves the problem of carton, and also makes the structure of the hula hoop stronger and safer.
【 Detachable and Unique Design, Fits Various Waist Sizes 】 Package includes 18 detachable parts, which can adjust the size from 27 to 50 inches, so that you can also fit in different waist sizes. The detachable design also makes it more portable, and since it doesn’t fall, you can exercise anywhere.
【 High-quality ABS material, hard and wear-resistant 】 The connection of the traditional exercise hoop is relatively weak, and the material is ordinary plastic, which is prone to breakage and is very dangerous. Our materials have been upgraded to be more wear-resistant, stronger and last longer.
【 Precautions for use 】 1: Since this is a close-fitting design, it is recommended to wear tight sports tights when using it to avoid the exercise hoop being stuck. 2: Keep away from the crowd when using to avoid the gravity ball accidentally hurting people. We provide buyers with quality products and excellent customer support. If you have any questions about Sonkoloro’s products, please feel free to contact us, we are here to help you., $49.99, $49.99 - $29.99



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