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Single DumbbellSingle Dumbbell

Easy to adjustEasy to adjust

Color OptionsColor Options

High-Strength Plastic PedestalHigh-Strength Plastic Pedestal


Easy to adjust

Quick change weight adjustments with push-pull design.

Color Options

Two colors available each weight option.

High-Strength Plastic Pedestal

High density & strong toughness and keep the dumbbell piece not easy to fall.


Small Removable Weight Bars

Customizable Weight.

Single DumbbellSingle Dumbbell

Single DumbbellSingle Dumbbell

Single DumbbellSingle Dumbbell

Fashionable appearance, compact and convenient, can be carried out at any time indoors, no need to choose a venue;
The handle is designed according to the ergonomic principle to ensure a comfortable feel;
Spiral vibration devices are added on both sides, and the motion principle of dynamic inertia is adopted;
Through the rhythmic back and forth vibration, it produces a vibration frequency that has a good effect on relaxing the human body;
The exercise time is short and the effect is quick. Only 6 minutes of aerobic exercise a day can achieve the purpose of relieving neck discomfort, arms and beauty.,



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