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If you are someone who has limited time in the day but still wants to lose weight and get in shape, this could be your golden gem! If you are sick and tired of workouts taking 1-hour or more of your day, this will change your attitude quick. But it will not be“easy”, that is why you will actually get results with The Program.

Your Package Includes:
11 workouts on 9 DVDs.
Quick-Start Guide.
Get It Done Nutrition Guide.
ALPHA-BETA Workout Calendars.
5-Day Fast Track.
B-LINES Resistance Band .

Package Includes Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Cycle Workouts
Consists of 10 Different 25-Minute Workouts.
Includes 11 Nonstop 25-Minute Workouts on 14 Dvds, Quick-Start Guide, Nutrition Plan, Workout Calendars, B-Lines Resistance Band , and 5-Day Fast Track Guide.
25 Minutes. 5 Days a Week. 100% Results.
Get an hour’s results in just 25 minutes a day with it., $34.99, $34.99



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