S h a u n CIZE Dance Workout Base Kit 6 DVD T

51K0XagMSbL. AC418dJi1PbuL. AC41kmhbUzbML. AC61ZcNLPEltL. AC41QzI6zQS8L. AC, C I Z E can teach anyone to dance, any style, any pace, to any type of music. This final routine is a completely different dance experience, with an emotional finale. Get ready for your music video!
Your C I Z E Base Kit Package Includes:

Get Started and Eat Up Guide
Beginner and Advanced Calendar
Weekend Survival Guide

6 DVDs – Six Dance Courses and an Ab Workout on 6 DVDs. You’ll receive a Get Started Guide, Eat Up Meal Plan, Beginner and Advanced Calendars and a Weekend Survival Guide.
Big Fun – CI ZE helps you get fit in 4 weeks as you master professionally choreographed dance routines. Shaun T breaks down the freshest choreography step-by-step, move-by-move so that by the end ANYONE can bust out an impressive dance sequence. You’ll be so focused on mastering the moves and having fun.
Strengthen Your Core – CI ZE keeps you moving the whole time by constantly introducing new moves that give you cardio training, strengthen your core, and tone every muscle—all at once., $27.99, $27.99



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