Ps Row Squat Rider Machine for Legs and Glutes Shaping Squat Assist Trainer & Total Crunch pro(Silver Grey)

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Product Description

PS rowing squat fitness machine is the first choice for the vast majority of indoor home fitness enthusiasts!

total crunch squat rowing machine - full body workout fitness equipmenttotal crunch squat rowing machine - full body workout fitness equipment

The squat rowing machine is the perfect trainer for home fitness, having it is like having healthy sunshine!

1. Having it saves you the cost of going to the gym.

2. Regardless of age. It can be easily used by men, women and children, suitable for any family member.

3. Easy to store and store. It can be used in the hall, bedroom, office, and it is easy to take it with you even when you move.

4. Daily use will keep you healthy and in perfect shape.

squat work calves hamstrings adbominals lower back glates butt  lose weightsquat work calves hamstrings adbominals lower back glates butt  lose weight

squat exercise machinesquat exercise machine

In addition to the thickened steel tube material used in the main body of the squat rowing machine, there are more reasons for you to own this fitness machine!

gym squat machine rowing rider machinegym squat machine rowing rider machine

the db method machinethe db method machine

workout equipmentworkout equipment


foam seat cushion

The thickened foam seat cushion allows you to reduce the pressure on the tailbone when exercising, thereby promoting blood circulation

slip legs

4 anti-slip legs, the stability of this machine is better, and it is safer when you use it

Ergonomic armrests

Ergonomic goat horn armrests for better arm and full body squats

Three resistance ropes.

Each knot has 20 pounds of resistance and can be adjusted to your exercise level. The lock with self-locking nut keeps you safe while using it, the bungee cord won’t pop out.


【FOR HOME GYM】 Stable compound rowing squat machines improve appearance of your muscles, Increase your strength and ability to perform physical tasks, Foldable design for easy storage.265 LB capacity support every family member.
【RESISTANCE AND MONITOR】Three assignable elastic bands can be clipped to or on the seat to suit any fitness level. The display tracks time, reps (minutes), counts and calories burned in real time.
【ADJUSTABLE SEAT】Adjust the fore and aft distance of the seat cushion according to your footing and fix it in a comfortable position to complete your full body squat training program.
【PERFECT SQUAT ASSIST】Unlike other row machines, row squat ride machine has ergonomic armrests that allow the arms and body to achieve the most natural squat training state, reducing knee stress and correcting motion present on rowing machine.
【BOOST HEART HEALTH】Everyday 50 squats can be something to work towards.The harder you go, the more likely you are to burn calories.Assists In Weight Loss.Due to the intensity of the exercise, can strengthen your ticker. This in turn can lower your heart rate, blood pressure and bad cholesterol.,



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