KROSSIL Portable Squat Pilates Bar Kit | 3-Section Stick, 6 Latex Resistance Bands, 5 Latex Loop Exercise Bands, 2 Storage Bags & Workout Videos | Full Body Fitness Home Gym Equipment for Men & Women

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Product Description

Pilates bar in usePilates bar in use

Reasons to chose KROSSIL Pilates Bar Kit – Portable kit, adjustable and stackable resistance bands, and bundled with loop bands and workout videos

When it comes to choosing exercise equipment two important aspects is how much you can benefit from the equipment and what it cost. We put together a bundled kit to make it as versatile as possible without the need to leave your home for gym that can cost.

With KROSSIL Pilates Bar Kit you can do exercises for arms, back, chest, shoulders and legs. We included some workout videos for those that prefer to follow a workout program lead by our personal trainers. We try to make the videos as easy as possible with timers letting you know when to start and take breaks between workout repetitions.

To make the pilates bar suitable for a variety of people we made adjustable straps and stackable resistance bands to make weight resistance adjustable.

A selection of our workout videos







KROSSIL 1-footstrap for all bands design

Our pilates bar are designed to be easily assembled and used.

With the 1-footstrap solution it will require only one strap for you to fasten all 3 resistance bands to your feet.

Our solutions resistance and length of bands can be adjusted with only 1 strap.

Multi-footstrap band design

We compared it to a different type of footstrap variant which require you to fasten 1 footstrap for each resistance band and foot.

Stacking 3 resistance bands on each side would require a total of 6 footstraps.

We find this solution more complex to use since it will add 3 foostraps per foot need to be fasten per foot.

This type of solution can affect the stability of standing with more bands going under the feet if not properly fastened.

Reinforced steel rod

KROSSIL use high quality materials for higher quality with thicker reinforced steel rod.

To sustain greater forces and last longer the thickness of the rod is 1.2mm.

We covered it in grip-friendly foam that’s not to thick or thin for better comfort.

Click-lock for easy assembly and disassembly

The pilates bar use a click-lock mechanism for easier assembly and disassembly.

The metallic springs will be concealed inside the rod with a slight bulge in the foam once the steel rods get locked together.


Natural latex bands by KROSSIL

All our loop bands and resistance bands for the pilates bar are made out of natural latex. Our decision to use natural latex in all our bands are based on softer, better elasticity compared to TPE rubber.

Natural latex is harvested and refined from the milk-like liquid of a rubber tree called Hevea Brasiliensis.


Perfect gift

Perfect giftPerfect gift

Imagine full body exercise from the comfort of Your Home with a portable gym equipment kit. Train legs, back, shoulders and arms with the Squat Pilates Bar kit for men and women. We try to make the experience easier and more enjoyable with high quality workout videos led by fitness athlete Zandra and IFBB Pro and World cup winner Law Shala. Contains: 3-section 1.2mm thick steel rod stick, wrapped in soft foam, 6 high quality latex resistance bands, 5 latex loop bands and 2 storage bags
We want to make Your workout experience more fun, We included workout for both the pilates bar and the exercise loop bands videos led by personal trainers. We also added visible timers and cooldown breaks between sets and repetitions to help You focus and get better results. Training videos can be played on supported portable devices like smartphones, tablets and smart-TVs connected to internet
Get full body workout experience without the needed a visit to gym. Many of the exercises for legs, back, arms and shoulders can be performed with the bundled pilates bar and loop bands. It’s the perfect workout equipment for the traveller. The pilates bar comes with a 3-section rod sticks. This makes it easy to assemble, disassemble and take less space for storage. The set comes with 2 storage bags, one for pilates bar and a smaller one for loop bands making it easier to carry around
We designed the kit with beginner to more advanced users in mind. You can gradually increase resistance of the pilates bar with 3 pairs of varying resistance bands made of natural latex. The bands come with 15lb (Red), 20lb (Green) and 30lb (Black) resistance and can easily be stacked up to 65lb per foot strap. We also included 5 loop bands made of natural latex with resistance from x-light, light, medium, heavy and x-heavy. This makes the kit more versatile and gives more value for the money
We strive to make a high quality products to help change people’s lives to a more active and healthy lifestyle. With the workout videos We hope the kit can help as many people as possible. If you’re looking for a birthday, Christmas holiday or New Year’s present for the loved ones, then this can be the gift you’re looking for, $29.90, $29.90



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