Home Workout Exercise Equipment for Women 2lb 3lb & 5lb Neoprene Hand Weight/Dumbbell Sets, Anti Burst Yoga Ball(65cm) w/Pump, Resistant Booty Band- All in one Great Bundle/Set. Perfect Yoga Bundle

41zveC 9lBS. AC41DUy1OrCqL. AC41BCeSKbGuL. AC41O59GWM9qL. AC31e6f0bnX0L. AC51op0Ssta5L. AC516AuY3ydML. AC41bYCFk5GDL. AC513gWl tBPL. AC, STEP FIT exercise equipment: 3 pairs of neoprene hand weights/dumbbellls in 2lb, 3lb and 5lb sizes all in the hex design, no rolling and easy to stack. A 65cm anti burst yoga ball with foot pump and plug slides and a medium strength booty band (anti slip design) Everything comes in our custom logo bag to use to carry your exercise clothes/shoes. This bundle is a mini home gym for body strengthening exercises for women/seniors and beginners. Super durable exercise kit and is the perfect choice for every home workout !
🕳️ Perfect start to your fitness journey. All in one- 3 pairs of neoprene weights-65cm yoga ball w/ pump & booty band all in our custom logo bag. Get the fit/toned body you want. Excellent for a home workout💪 Lifetime guarantee on our products👍
🕳️ STEP FIT neoprene coated dumbbells/ hand weight sets in 2lb 3lb and 5lb sizes. Cast iron coated in neoprene for secure grip and anti slip. Hex design prevents rolling and easy stacking.💪
🕳️ STEP FIT exercise/yoga ball for fitness stability training balance & core strength Anti burst design w/ pump included 65cm purple💪
🕳️ STEP FIT premium quality resistance booty band. Non slip & roll resistant. Tone your legs, glutes, love handles and booty Medium strength resistance, purple💪
🕳️ STEP FIT Our products can be used sitting at your desk while working, as a office chair, while doing pilates, part of physical therapy , as a birthing ball, core strength workouts, balance, leg lifts, thigh tightening, abs toning, stretching, arm contour, and so much more., $46.99, $46.99



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