Haunz Exercise Hula Hoop for Adults | Weighted Hula Hoops with Carry Bag for Storage and Jump Rope | Women Workout Equipment Hoola Hoop | 2 lbs Weighted Hula-Hoops for Weight Loss & Burning Fat

51DoN03QsjL. AC51tSwDhW03L. AC51Zrz3R EdL. AC41UAAMQihVL. AC416MvpK6c4L. AC41rZKeitDCL. AC51l6FzM6S2L. AC51tKv9jHUiL. AC, buynow3, With an Exercise Hoop, it s easy to exercise at home! ; Reduce belly fat and lose weight. ; Promote blood circulation and reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease. This not only makes you a big step towards the body you want, but it also saves precious time and membership of a fitness studio! Adjustable size, more convenience for you to use According to your figure it can be adjusted. The package is 8 sections, ()LB and measures ()inches wide. You can remove 1 or 2 sections, and then set up 7 sections or 6 sections exercise hoop. How to using method To do trainer hula hooping with the right form, be sure to follow these steps: 1 At the first point make sure that your feet are direct stand straight place one foot step away than the other foot. 2 Make sure your back is straight and the inner muscles of back are engaged. If you don’t want to bend your waist and put stress on the lower back. 3 Roller Hula hoop is used for exercise around the waist so when you re resting hold each side of the fitness hoop. 4 While doing this exercise start moving around the hoop in a circle. If you re left handed it s easier to do. 5 When the adults do this exercise slightly move the hoola hoop around the back move your hips slightly as the hoola hoop moves across the stomach fat burner machine. Safety tips 1. Maintain proper form. 2. Wear tight fitting clothing. 3. Proceed with caution if you have a back injury. 4. Women should avoid this exercise during pregnancy and menstruation. Package Includes: ; 1 x Weighted Hula Hoop for Adults ; 1 x Portable Bag ; 1 x Jumping Rope
✅ EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY AND EASY TO USE This weight loss hula hoop is made of durable material which is nontoxic, environment friendly, harmless and lightweight which provides you with a more relaxed way to lose weight and get a smart body shape. Also comes with the smooth foam padded surface which protects your waist from injury at the same time.
✅ DETACHABLE AND EASY TO CARRY Our weighted hoola hoops come with 8 detachable sections. You can adjust the size from 7 to 8 sections depending on your body size and skill level. These soft padded hula hoops for adults can be wrapped into a small carry bag which you can bring to any place like garden, beach, gym, travel, playground, for tik tok videos or other activities.
✅ FEEL THE INTENSITY AND BURN MORE CALORIES With our weighted hoola hoop for adults now you can burn more calories and feel the intensity in your core muscles after each workout session. Imagine that feeling when you will confidently go out with your friends and enjoy a healthy and fit lifestyle by only dedicating as less as 30 minutes per day by using our fitness hoola hoop. Now you can experience easy and fun way to lose weight and get in shape.
✅ APPLICABLE PEOPLE AND ATTENTION Our fitness exercise hoop is suitable for almost all adults and kids but not for babies. It is not recommended to use it before and after meals, rather start the exercise after an hour. Before exercising, ensure the exercise hoola hoop assembly is done and wear close-fitting clothes. You can use this workout hula hoop in open environment as well.
✅ FREE VALUE ADDITION WITH SERVICE SUPPORT In addition to Weight Loss Hula Hoop, we are providing you a FREE jumping rope that can help you tone your calves and tighten your core. So, what is holding you back, click on the yellow button now and get your weighted hula hoops. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know, we will make you satisfied!,



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