Grow Young Fitness Chair Exercises for Seniors – Two Disc Foundation DVD – Simple Safe Effective Back to Basics Workout DVD for Elderly

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Voted as the #1 Beginner Workout DVD for seniors.

Disc One

Foundation Workout 1 (30:24)
Foundation Workout 2 (32:57)
Foundation Workout 3 (27:41)
Bonus Core Workout (16:00)
3 Pillars of Easy Weight Loss (15:28)

Disc Two

Foundation Workout 4 (38:00)
Foundation Workout 5 (32:52)
Foundation Workout 6 (35:13)
Bonus Balance Workout (8:39)
Reduce Pain & Inflamation With Ease (10:22)

Kepp it Movin’!
Two Disc Beginner Chair Workout DVD Designed for You!
These Workouts are so Fun it Doesn’t Even Feel Like Exercise!
Fun & Easy to Follow – These Simple Chair Exercises are Easy to Follow, and Perfect for Seniors or Beginners! You will NEVER go to the Floor with These Exercises!
Feel The Results – This DVD uses Simple Movements to Relieve Pains Associated with Arthritis, Back Pain, and Injuries so You Can Feel Great Again!
Top Rated Workouts – Grow Young Fitness has over 750 Five Star Reviews – Recommended by Doctors all Over the World!, $49.00, $49.00



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