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Product Description

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Lose Weight Fast by Fun Way to Workout

Exercise Hoop is an interesting way to lose weight.

You can use the exercise hoop at any time and in any place. It is easy and not costly. You can enjoy the fun of using the hoop either at home or in the gym or in the office.Let’s move your body!

Do’s and Don’ts

1. The most important thing you need to do is make sure you hear the click when attaching the different parts together. That’s what keeps it from falling apart. Use the hoop after it is properly installed;

2. Don’t use the hoop within one hour after or before your meal;

3. Please do warm-up for a while before using the hoop;

4. If you are beginners, you should control the time of use. If you use the hoop for too long time, you might get aches or bruises in your waist. You can lengthen the time of using after one week;

5. Please use it away from objects with sharp edges, such as the edge of the desk or corner of the wall to prevent the external foam from being damaged because of collision;

6. You are not recommended to use the hoop, if you have heart diseases, high blood pressure, or spine diseases.


Perfect Weight

It weight of it is just perfect. Not too light and not too heavy.It is to be a good start weight.Very helpful for beginner.

 hoola hoop for women hoola hoop for women

How To Assemble?

Hold the protruding spring button. Align it with the pipe orifice of the other end. Press them together tight. You will hear “click”, which means that these two sections have been successfully connected.

Then, You just simply continue adding all the other pieces until you have a hoop.

How To Disassemble?

Hold on to the white button, and directly pull them apart.

Benefit Slim waist Burn calories Training of core strength Great choice for home exercise, weight loss, and fitness

weighted hula hoopsweighted hula hoops

weighted hula hoop hooping for adults weighted hula hoop hooping for adults

holahoops for fitnessholahoops for fitness

Prevent Constipation

When you use the fitness hoop, fitness hoop will exert some force on your abdomen, which can promote intestinal tract movement. Those using fitness hoop on a frequent basis will have a faster intestinal tract movement as well. This is good for your defecation, weight loss, and prevention of constipation.

Anti-dropping Design

The interface adopts the spring-style button design, which is flexible, soft, anti-deformation, anti-breaking, and anti-dropping while using.

Easy storage

When the hoop is not in use, you can easily disassemble it into eight sections to occupy less space. When you are out for sports, you can directly put these sections in your bag, which is quite portable.

Exercise Hoop for Adults Workout HoopsExercise Hoop for Adults Workout Hoops

【PERFECT WEIGHT】-Our exercise hoop weighs about 2 pounds.It weight of it is just perfect. Not too light and not too heavy.It is to be a good start weight.Very helpful for beginner.
【EASY TO ASSMEBLE/EASY TO CARRY】- Super easy to assemble and adjust. Saves lots of space since you can put it apart and store it away. You can develop your waist muscles either at home, in the gym or the office at any time. Definitely recommend if you’re looking for an easy and fun way to workout.
【SOFT AND COMFORTABLE】 – The quality high-density NBR foams are adopted as raw materials, which are soft and comfortable, cushioning, waist-protective, and can effectively alleviate the discomfort caused by using and reduce the risk of sport injuries.
【DEVELOP WAIST MUSCLES】 – You rely on the shrinking and expansion of your abdominal muscles and back muscles to use the fitness hoop. So fitness hoop is a good way to develop muscles of the above parts and can effectively guard you against diseases with your neck and waist. When exercise hoop around your waist, you need to move other limbs of your body, which can effectively burn your calories, thus achieving the goal of weight losing.
【AFTER-SALES SERVICES】- Should you have any problems with the hoop, please feel free to contact us. We will give you a reply in 24 hours.,



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