Flexies Pilates Bar Workout Cards – 58 Exercise Cards with Pilates Stick Work Out Postures, Instructions & Breathing Tips | Free Ring & Dry-Erase Marker to Create Your Customize Workout Planner Chart

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Flexies is on a mission to make resistance bar workouts simple by providing a complete solution to its clients. Initially, beginning with the Flexies Adjustable Pilates Bar, we have built a community of more than 30+ Professional Pilates instructors.

Now, Flexies is coming up with new “PILATES BAR CARDS”

Why to Choose Flexies Pilates Bar Cards❓

Our Pilates Cards are designed with the help of 30+ professional Pilates instructors around the globe.

The Deck Focuses on:-

&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp💪&nbsp Upper-Body
&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp🏋&nbsp Lower-Body
&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp🏃&nbsp Core
&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp🚶‍&nbsp Back
&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp🤸&nbsp Total Body Workout

The Box Consist of:-

&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp💫&nbsp 49 Exercise Cards
&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp💫&nbsp 5 Workout Recommendation cards
&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp💫&nbsp 5 Create your own Workout
&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp💫&nbsp 1 Guide Card
&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp💫&nbsp 1 Goal Card
&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp💫&nbsp 1 Calendar Card
&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp💫&nbsp 1 Warm-up & Cool-down Card
&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp💫&nbsp 1 Information Card
&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp💫&nbsp A Dry-erase Marker – So that you can track your workout easily by writing it down.
&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp💫&nbsp
A Metallic Ring – Makes it easy to handle by placing all the cards inside the ring.

We are working 24/7 for any product related guidance. Please feel free to reach out to us in case of any queries.

✅ 『 NO MORE GUESS WORK 』Eliminate the struggle to find Workouts Online. Our Fitness Deck includes all you need to know about Pilates Bar Kit. Workout Illustration, Detailed Instruction, Reps, Sets & Breathing Instructions makes it a “One-for-All Solution”.
✅ 『 CUSTOMIZE YOUR WORKOUT 』Never get bored rather tweak your exercise routine with the ease of designing your own schedule, which is accompanied by unique workout ” Recommendation Cards “. Keep a track of your progress using the Dry-Erase marker included in the Box.
✅ 『 LARGE, CLEAR & WATERPROOF 』The Yoga Bar Work out cards: 12×8 cm are 2x the size of regular playing cards & are both larger, more visible from a distance. The exercise Cards for workout pilates are made-up of sturdy plastic-like material which makes them waterproof & dust-proof.
✅ 『 COMPATIBILITY 』Our Fitness card works with Flexies, Gaiam, Empower, Goldflower, Bodygym toning bar and other 2-section or 3-section pilates bar kit with resistance bands & The Deck focuses on the upper body, lower body, core, back, and total body workout routines.
✅ 『 USER FRIENDLY 』The Deck includes 5 distinct color cards, representing workout of each body part. Every Card illustrates the focused muscles & also indicates the intensity level from easy to hard making it ideal for a beginner to an expert., $21.47, $21.47 - $17.87



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