Exercise for Seniors DVD Collection- 6 Total Body Workouts + 10 Balance Workouts + Resistance Band + 3 Bonus Senior Exercise Gifts- Easy to Follow. Fun to do! Exercise videos for seniors you will love

61BpcvHMSWL. AC41QCDLi24IL. AC51Dpt+W0zLL. AC51U57BOEurL. AC51ZgF8dPEtL. AC, You will love this senior exercise program! Be part of this fitness community right in your home. Never feel alone, our team is here to help. We offer amazing support by phone and email to make sure all your questions are answered, and you have the tools you need to succeed. 
This Senior Exercise Video Package Includes:

  • 6 Amazing Total Body Workouts- effectively targeting STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, BALANCE
  • 10 express balance workouts- regain confidence in your balance again, helps reduce risks of slips and falls
  • Resistance Band- every workout contains strength training which is so important. It’s the secret to feeling younger and stronger

This program is not like any other senior workout you have tried. It is exciting and the exercises are fun to do. It is not too difficult or too gentle and it is easy to follow. It is perfect for active seniors and beginners. 
All the exercises are demonstrated BOTH seated and standing, giving you the option to choose to sit or stand throughout the workout.  You can start exercising in the chair and after you get stronger, slowly add some standing exercises. More advanced seniors can stand and use the resistance band for a greater challenge.  It will grow with you as you get stronger.  
This is the COLLECTION of the 6 BEST WORKOUTS from senior exercise TV show- A New Way 2 Move.  It is the #1 senior exercise show on TV with host and senior fitness expert Curtis Adams.
* Equipment needed- sturdy chair, resistance band (included), hand weights (optional)
Burn calories, lose weight, and have energy throughout the day- FEEL GOOD AGAIN with senior exercise
LIVE STRONGER- Strength training + cardio + core + balance exercises on every senior fitness DVD
NO FLOOR, STRAINING, OR JARRING EXERCISES- Low impact exercise DVD for seniors that’s easy on joints
Exercises are shown BOTH standing and sitting in chair EXERCISE FOR SENIORS TO GO AT THEIR OWN PACE
EASY TO FOLLOW! ENCOURAGING and CLEAR INSTRUCTION. Perfect workouts for beginners and older adults, $29.95, $29.95



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