CRITICAL BENCH.COM Step It Up Workout DVD – Follow Along Exercise Routines Using a Step to Burn Fat, Build Strength and Tone Muscles

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CHALLENGING YET FUN: Welcome to Step It Up! If you are looking to put fun back into your workouts while still challenging yourself, then these step workouts are absolutely for you. These workouts incorporate your body weight and guide you through several strength building, muscle toning, curve accentuating, fat burning workouts that will help you step your way to the fabulously fit body you want. Each episode is designed to be fun while increasing your cardiovascular fitness!
VARYING DIFFICULTY: No workout is perfectly suitable to everyone and with this in mind, different levels of difficulty are set, this will help in catering towards the physical capacity of various people so that they can find the right intensity of workout that will push them to their limits. Beginners can start this workout without a step. Move up to a step for a more challenging workout!
BE MENTORED: Coach Tonya Fines, BSc, PE is a Certified Personal Trainer and Body-Weight Specialist. She is an expert in this field and so we can fully trust her to guide us in this fitness journey, she will be with us to give us the proper technique in executing the different workout routines.
STEP IT UP: Step it Up workout series is the step-based workout you’ve been looking for! Burn fat, tone muscle, and reap the benefits of the positive impacts of these workouts!
EXCELLENT VALUE: The application is simple to use and has clear instructions. You will be led through a series of exercises that you may do at your leisure. Build muscle, burn fat, and increase ankle, hip, and shoulder mobility so you can move pain-free in everyday life and sports., $17.99, $17.99



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