Core Home Fitness Glute Drive Plus Adjustable Workout Bench, Hip Thrust Machine, Exercise Glutes Butt/Booty Weightlifting Multi-use Bench

41LJ4+wbMWS. AC4134kW9bZFS. AC31b1UvNzMaS. AC515HM Na6pS. AC41vbqbUwFCS. AC31ffQqYkCbS. AC31PBULYk0YS. AC, buynow3, The Core Home Fitness Glute Drive is a game changing glute exercise machine. There is no more need to do dangerous and make-shift glute exercises. Our Glute Drive puts you in the right/safe positions to get a great efficient glute/booty workout. The glutes are the largest muscle in your body and require a good amount of targeted resistance to get results. The Glute Drive targets this area through promoting a safe and accurate hip thrusting motion. The backrest for the bench of this glute exercise machine pivots and with the adjustable resistance bands creates the best glute/booty workout on the market. Includes Light, Medium, and Heavy resistance bands for variable resistance training up to a total of 190 lbs. (95 lbs. per side) This butt workout machine converts into a Flat Bench to provide you with everything you need for a great in-home workout. Pair the Glute Drive Plus with our award winning dumbbells for a complete in-home gym. Folds flat for easy storage under beds or in closets.
PERFECT HIP THRUST: Providing a safe and efficient glute exercise from the comfort of your home. Pivoting bench provides full spinal stabilization and support for a game changing hip thrusting/booty workout!
NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Just lift and lock in place!
MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Converts into a Flat Bench to provide full body workout. Pairs perfectly with our adjustable dumbbells for chest presses, tricep workouts, curls, squats and dips for an awesome full body workout!
EASY STORAGE & PORTABLE: This glute exercise machine folds flat to a compact position to allow for easy storage. Designed with transportation wheels and a user carrying handle on the opposite end to allow for easy transport to the desired location!
COMFORTABLE, PADDED BELT: Waist belt with adjustability to accommodate a wide variety of users and resistance loads!,



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