Bigzzia Ab Exercise Bench, Abdominal Workout Machine Foldable Sit Up Bench, Full Body Exercise Equipment with LCD Monitor for Leg,Thighs,Buttocks,Rodeo,Sit-up Exercise

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Product Description

Ab Exercise BenchAb Exercise Bench

Exercise EquipmentExercise Equipment

Exercise EquipmentExercise Equipment Foam-Covered Handgrips Electronic Counter Balanced Foam-Covered Armrest Adjustable Foot Guard Three-speed Adjustable Bracket Wear-resistant Non-slip Leather Square Rail Bracket Abdominal Device Sliding Component

What are the benefits of using Bigzzia Core&Abdominal Trainers for exercise?

In today’s busy life, it is difficult to find time to do exercise to avoid sub-health or It’s not very cost effective to spend a lot of money to become a fitness member.This Fitness and Exersize Tool is designed to assist in sit-ups, push-up to slim your waist, abdomen and buttocks. Exercise at home or office making you easy, economical and effective, is suitable for sedentary people to burn calories and shape body when relaxing.

Burn calories and reduce fat Burn belly fat for sedentary office workers Avoid sub-health and have a healthy body Build a good figure Increase your energy level and productivity Relax the body and reduce stress Promote blood circulation and metabolism Economical, money-saving gym or fitness club

Foldable Sit Up BenchFoldable Sit Up Bench

Foldable Sit Up BenchFoldable Sit Up Bench

Foldable Sit Up BenchFoldable Sit Up Bench

Full Foam Knee Pad

Fully-enclosed sponge protects the knee from injury during exercise, safe and durable, anti-skid and longer life

Wear-resistant Non-slip Leather

The thickness of the leather is 0.8mm, and it is wear-resistant and comfortable after thickening and improvement

Thickened Steel and Square Rails

The Square Rail Bracket is not easy to fall off and higher safety

Exercise EquipmentExercise Equipment

Exercise EquipmentExercise Equipment

Exercise EquipmentExercise Equipment

Multifunctional LCD

The monitor has 5 functions: time, count, stride/minute, calories, scan, easy to track exercise results and make exercise plans.

Heavy Frame

This abdominal training device is made of heavy-duty steel frame to ensure high stability and durability. The maximum user weight can reach 330 pounds

Foldable Ab Machine Exercise Equipment

This foldable compact abdominal trainer allows you to exercise at home or in the office, stay healthy at all times and avoid taking up space.

Exercise EquipmentExercise Equipment

Professional ab/sit-up training machine: This Core&Abdominal Trainers is designed to train the upper body through exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups and leg lifts to shape the lines of arms, abdomen, waist, core and legs, very suitable for home or office.
Adjustable resistance level: There are 3 holes on the large iron plate under the handle,which can adjust the intensity of the exercise according to the needs of the user ( The less angle there is between the front and rear supports, the greater resistance.)
Foldable for easy storage: Equipped with a locking latch, our Abdominal Workout Machine is easy to fold. When not in use, you can easily fold it and keep it under the bed or against the wall, saving a lot of space.
Detailed display:The digital LCD display can display calories, time, times and energy consumed per minute during exercise;Armrests is made of foam to ensure comfortable grip and more durable; Four rubber pads are anti-skid, wear-resistant and safer.
Optimized Backrest & Seat Cushion:The soft foam cushion effectively reduces knee pressure and ensures more comfort while doing exercise. Mute rollers effectively reduce noise and allow the cushion move up and down smoothly., $126.99, $126.99



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