AXLE Home Workout Bundle with Barbell, Exercise Bar & Bar Clamps, 2 Olympic Wheels, Two 5lb Weights, Foot Anchors, & Squat Bands, Ab Roller & Suspension Trainer in 1 Set with Online Class Access

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Product Description

Axle WorkoutAxle Workout

Ultra LightweightUltra Lightweight

all-in-one barbellall-in-one barbell

easy to storeeasy to store

axle home gym bundleaxle home gym bundle

Elevate your workout regimen with AXLE’s Home Workout Bundle. Whether you’re a fitness junkie or a complete beginner, you can achieve seamless fitness at home.

Your Gym Essentials in 1 Pack

Our portable workout equipment brings the gym to you with its variety of smartly designed inclusions:

1 AXLE Barbel (6 lbs)2 Olympic Wheels (5 lbs)2 Bar Clips2 5-lb Weights2 AXLE Foot Anchors1 AXLE Strength Band1 AXLE Tote BagOn-Demand and Live Small Group Training

gym bundlegym bundle

Comes with Handy Foot Cradles

This strength training equipment is designed with foot anchors that conform to the shape of your feet. Through AXLE’s workout kit, you can achieve proper ankle form, activate your core, and reduce the risk of injuries during your ab tucks.

Effortless Storing

Made for your on-the-go training, the inclusions of this workout bundle can be conveniently disassembled and stored in our tote bag. Our kit makes it easy for you to work out anytime, anywhere.

Includes Access to A Workout Library

Enjoy a complete gym experience! Our home kit comes with its very own AXLE mobile application. No more costly gym memberships. Just swipe and stream through on-trend exercise content. This app is a personal trainer at your fingertips.

An active lifestyle knows no age, time, and place! Build and bond together with AXLE’s Complete Home Workout Bundle!

learn itlearn it

lift itlift it

roll itroll it

band loadband load

plate loadplate load

break it downbreak it down

Our movesOur moves

A Gym Staple for All Ages

Our total gym bundle is safe and suitable for both young and seasoned athletes. Its bar is shorter than a standard Olympic bar, allowing anyone to train with ease. The rubber tires also provide some bounce when met with the floor. No need to worry about anyone in your family getting injured

Perform A Range of Exercises

This at home workout kit brings the challenge to your workouts with its full-range and multi-target routines:

Strength TrainingBalance & Core TrainingDeadliftingPilatesYoga.

A Complete Gym Set – Our workout kit includes the most commonly used exercise equipment. It features a bar, roller wheels, a pair of 5lb weights & foot anchors, & a compatible strength band. Unravel new ways to strengthen your body with our home workout kit!
Open for Plate Addition – The straight bar spans 55 inches & is made of heavy-duty aluminum. It suits Olympic plates that are 2.5 to 44 pounds heavy. With the tight-fitting locks, you can use the extra sleeve space as you gradually grow your lifting capacity.
Safe Construction – These portable weights are built with intuitively sized tires, making the barbell a centimeter taller than the average ones. You won’t have to bend over too low to retrieve it off the floor, thus, keeping risks of injuries at bay.
Rolls Smoothly – Many barbells offered on the market have rigid steel plates that could make your arms or legs more prone to injury. Our gym workout bar includes 2 air-filled rubber tires that ensure a safe, uninterrupted rolling experience.
Helps You Defy Your Limits – Intensify your training & slide the two 5lb steel weights onto the barbell. For more vertical-plane exercises, strap the resistance bands on both ends of the bar & lift with your feet’s opposing pull on the band.,



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