1000 Steps Walking Workout at Home – Do this Indoor Walk Every Morning to Improve your Health

Indoor Walking Workout at Home – 1000 Steps to improve your health, do this every morning and feel great for the rest of the day. FREE TRAINING GUIDE HERE: https://www.lwrfitness.com/walk-for-health-challenge/


0:00 Introduction Indoor Walking at Home Workout
0:30 Exercise 1 Fast Walk then Calorie Burning Step
1:35 Exercise 2 Fast Walk then Side Step and Sculpt
2:35 Exercise 3 Fast Walk then Knee Lift & Core Move
3:35 Exercise 4 Fast Walk then Ab Standing Waist Twists
4:35 Exercise 5 Fast Walk then Side Step Punches
5:35 Exercise 6 Fast Walk then Leg and Arm Toners
6:35 Exercise 7 Fast Walk then Straight Leg Kicks
7:35 Exercise 8 Fast Walk then Leg Toning Arm Clap
8:35 Cool Down March



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