1 Pair of Cordless Jump Rope – Workout in a Small Space with Wireless Bod Ropes for Kids, Adult, Man, Women – Be your Own Trainer – Do it Indoor and Outdoor – Burn Calories – Exercise with this Weighted Ropeless Equipment at Home, Gym or Office

41kzWfgQ7IL. AC5192uFZXhsL. AC51 pSUdm26L. AC5180gMKF+BL. AC buynow3 ★This CORDLESS JUMP ROPE works not only your body but also your mind because it boosts your coordination as several body parts must communicate to complete one movement. ★Using them INCREASES your speed, strength, agility, cardio endurance, stamina and rhythm.  ★It implies medium to low impact and it isn’t as hard on your joints as running or other high impact exercises. It combines cardio and strength training, burns calories and improves the muscle tension of your body which helps in muscle toning, making the use of the cordless jump a fantastic ALL IN ONE WORKOUT.  ★The cordless jump rope consists of two weighted handles with a short rope and weighted balls attached at the end of each handle; when you move the handles in a circular motion they spin, recreating the feeling of jumping with a real rope. This allows you to JUMP FREELY while avoiding hitting other people, breaking stuff, no tripping on the cord or getting tangled with it. ★It improves your heart health because it gets your heart pumping which lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. ★This cordless jump rope is a GREAT WAY TO EXERCISE all parts of your body, making weight-loss easier and helps keep you healthy in a simple, easy and in a safer way. , $10.99, $10.99



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